Past Projects

In past years of STEM, we have participated in a myriad of different projects! We are happy to be able to contribute our time to better the lives of others and to learn more in every new year! Here is what we’ve done so far:

Alternative Energy Lamp Post

Out on the back lawn at SUA, you may have seen a lamp post with funky-looking gadgets all over it. The light is actually powered by the post’s solar panel and mini wind turbine!


The girls met in July, 2012 to begin brainstorming ideas for the Lemelson-MIT Grant and for the AbilityOne Network Design Challenge, and settled on a plan to work on an invention that will store and then dispense medication as it needs to be taken. With this invention, people on medication will not have to worry about when to take their pills, and those that have difficulty handling pill containers will not have to worry about being unable to retrieve their medication.

The Pathway

The Pathway (TPW) started as a project to aid St. Ursula’s Father Rick, a man with blindness, find his way around his home on the school campus. The invention consists of a sound-producing device that can be activated by pressing a button on a key fob. The sound-producer is placed at a desired location, and, when a person with blindness would like to find his way to this location, he can press the button on the fob and follow the tone that is made. The team entered their invention into the 2011 AbilityOne Network Design Challenge, an engineering competition that challenges high schoolers to invent devices that will help those with disabilities. Although the team did not make it to the 2011 Finals, they regrouped and improved upon their invention, redesigning TPW to help people with blindness find their ways to bus stops. After another year of working with TPW, the team once again entered the competition, in the spring of 2012. This time, they made it to the Challenge’s Finals in Washington, D.C., bringing home a second place award and the honor of “Outstanding Assistive Technology Design.”


The ROV, named Phlo, is a remotely operated vehicle that is used to collect water and soil samples from bodies of water.

UT Engineering Design Challenge

This is an annual one-day competition hosted by the engineering department at UT. We have participated for several years. This is super fun and a terrific exercise of engineering principles!

BEST Robotics

Last year, we placed for the national competition in Fargo, North Dakota after earning the 3rd place BEST award at our hub competition! We created our own robotics “company” and gave a presentation, built and competed with our robot, and were 26th in the region! We are doing this competition again this year.

Source America Design Challenge

We have also competed in this for several years! This past year, we patented our invention, the Swivel N’ Slide, an arm support device that assisted a man with cerebral palsy improve his job performance by increasing his typing rate as he enters data for a photoshop. We are also doing this competition again.

Lexus EcoChallange

This is an environmental engineering project that we have done multiple times and are doing again! Last year, the experimented with carbon sequestration! This is a fun and great way to improve our environment and take care of the earth we live on!


A STEM club meeting!                                STEM in the Park


Inventeam with their pill dispensing device!      Our club members 2015

Current Projects

This school year (2015-16) We will be participating in several competitions including the following:

Robotics (Through Falcon BEST) See

Best Robotics

Lexus EcoChallenge (Environmental Engineering) See

Lexus EcoChallenge 

Source America (Engineering for Disabilities) See

Source America 

Medical Research


Medical Research 

IMG_2750IMG_2123   Making our Swivel N’ Slide for SA               Robotics team starts year-All in!


Cutting foam for the Swivel N’ Slide                              Alfred, our robot!